Integration and Partnership

We make international money transfer fast, simple and secure. 

Relam Pagos supports several way to integrate into your portal or system. These include plug’n play modules, Relam Pagos integration in hosted systems and API clients in JSON format.

Relam Pagos has been at the forefront in integrating our ready-to-use wallet APIs for multiple platforms. Our team of e-wallet app development experts has extensive experience in integrating Wallet seamlessly and at competitive rates.

The first and only white-label wallet integration services that allow you to deploy your wallet quickly and cost-efficiently with your business/platforms, and embed in any app of your services and partner ecosystem.

Our mobile wallet solution is falling in that trusted category of payment method that online users love and believe in it.

Our Relam Pagos Capability Overview

Whatever your business, if you need to make domestic or global payments our platform can help take away the burden of ensuring global secure and rapid cash or non-cash payments. 

  • Global Payments
  • Preferred Exchange Rates
  • Numerous Payment Options
  • Recipient Payment Choice
  • Developer API Integration
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Tax Management
  • Secure and Trusted






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